Are you loving the idea of surfing the waves of Rio in great company, but are new to surfing?

Don’t worry! Our team is made up of professionals who, besides their technical and didactic abilities, are nature lovers. With lessons and instructions from those who understand how to explore the waves on top of a surfboard, in no time you will find out what it feels like to glide above the waters.

Private Lessons

With private and personalized lessons, you will feel safe in the company of professionals. Everything is tailored to your needs and developing motor skills. Lessons are dynamic and in inspiring places, all of this makes your learning faster and more enjoyable.


First rate group lessons for fast and fun learning. Maximum of 3 students per instructor.


Organized by surfers for surfers, if you love surfing and want to meet other surfers to share moments with more experienced surfers, join our surf club and find out why many surfers are already a part of this club.